A game by Michael, Evan, Varsha, and Jack.

DOOMERANG is a 2-player head to head boomerang fighting game. Players do battle in the desert by trying to strike each other with boomerangs while dodging the shots of their opponent. The core gameplay is heavily positioning based, as the boomerangs move quickly and can easily hit players on the way back. Our goal in designing the gameplay was to make the players consider not only where they'd be standing when they threw the boomerang; we wanted them thinking about their positioning at any moment of gameplay. We also included the ability to charge one's boomerang up and make it fly faster and further, giving the players incentive for calculating their shots. Finally, we decided to focus our art assets on a desert theme to give the game a unique and entertaining atmosphere.

The control scheme for Player 1 is WASD for movement and E to throw the boomerang (hold to charge).

The control scheme for Player 2 is arrow keys for movement and NumPad 0 to throw the boomerang (hold to charge).

StatusIn development
Made withUnity

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